Domestic Furniture Co. / Roy McMakin

Domestic Furniture Co. catalog from 1991, when they were on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Catalog design by Roy McMakin and Anna O'Cain.

I saw a post by Ezra Klein today that went something like this... 
"That 70's Show" aired in 1998 and was set in 1976.  If a show was made now with 
the same time difference, it would be called "That 90s Show" and it would be set in 1991.

Roy McMakin was making some pretty cool furniture in the 90s.

A writing table.

A side table.

A bed.
Source: Wright 

Domestic Furniture Co. for Heath, 1990
Source: LAMA

Roy McMakin is actually still making cool furniture, art and architecture. 
You can see it here: Domestic Furniture