LA / Pottery Show

This weekend was the Los Angles Pottery Show

A bulk of the show is this kind of pottery. Besides maybe some Catalina tile I can't tell you what any of this stuff is.

I can tell you this is a mammoth Raul Coronel. This was in my friend Michael Hickman's booth. He is one of the four or so dealers 
at the show who specializes in modern studio ceramics.  He also throws a good pot himself. I wish I would have
taken a photo of one of his pieces. 

 He also had this really cool Michael Frimkess piece.

A monster Frank Matranga lamp, also at Hickman's booth.

Frank had a booth at the show with his newer work. 

A really good Myrton Purkiss plate

Who knew Harrison McIntosh did glass?
A very limited number were done by Mikasa for a fundraiser.
I knew about the dishes for Mikasa, but glass? Those lines are classic McIntosh.
It's hand-signed.

Marg Loring lamp. I really like that. 

Look what I found... Doyle Lane weed vases.
They look good on my dashboard too.

I also picked up this sweet little Vivika and Otto Heino vase.

I'm a sucker for rock form pots.

I stopped off over at J Crew and look what they had on the shelf, a great David Cressey pot.
How does that happen?