Art Disposal Service / Epic Event

Bring On the Ides of March
Ceremony and press conference to signal "change of command" at Art Disposal Service
to be held at 12pm on Friday, March 15th at Bread & Salt

San Diego, CA – Dave Hampton will assume the leadership of Art Disposal Service this month, taking the reins from Bob Matheny in a ceremony to be held on the Ides of March.

Hampton is serious about problems of crowding and overpopulation that stem from the creative impulse. "I mean, look around you," he says, leaning forward in his chair. "Art is all over. Museums are full, galleries and collectors are overwhelmed... who's going to clean up the mess?"

Hampton plans to begin where Matheny, an artist and former art instructor at Southwestern College, left off.

In 1969 Matheny entered into a contract to operate a San Diego franchise of the Art Disposal Service with artist John Manno, who founded the service in Los Angeles. Manno is said to have parked his van, adorned with prominent ADS signage, in front of busy La Cienega Boulevard galleries, making himself readily available to potential clients.

"Matheny's had this racket sewn up since I was four years old," exclaims Hampton. "It's time to give someone else a piece of the action!"

The ceremony will be held at high noon at the artist enclave Bread & Salt. Matheny will pass the art disposal torch to Hampton, and they will sign a new contract ensuring the longevity of the Art Disposal Service. After the ceremony, they will be available to field questions from journalists and the public.

"Bob will continue to guide us as Director Emeritus," Hampton says. "He's deeply concerned, but some artists have a tough time taking responsibility. They agree that there's a problem, but then they just go around the corner and start making more art."

A specially commissioned piece of music called Fanfare For Paperwork by local composer Chris Fulford-Brown will also make its public debut during the ceremony. "Music comes first," says Hampton. "It's a critical part of our service, but there's no room for sentiment in this business," he adds. "We look forward to working with top-notch artists and collectors as soon as possible."

March 15, 2013
Bread & Salt
1955 Julian St., San Diego, CA
Scott Ehrig-Burgess, ADS Media Liaison