Ray Eames / California Museum

Ray Eames: A Century of Modern Design
A collaboration between the Eames Office  and the California Museum in Sacramento.

Bernice "Ray" Kaiser was born in Sacramento in 1912. Here she is in the Class of 1931 Sacramento High School yearbook.
She would have been 100 this year.

This 1941 Drawing by Ray Eames is hung at the entrance of the exhibit.
The inscription on the back reads..."To Hoffman, Love Buda"
Buda was Ray's nickname while she was studying under Hans Hoffman

The Eames Office really opened up the archives wide for this one.

I think most of these were from the late 30s. 

Fashion drawings by Ray

She designed her own clothes too..

and here they are.

Ray's kicks. She she was obviously into little bows and ribbon.
Those are my kicks in the reflection. This exhibit is amazing but I do have one criticism...this stupid glass!

A bow in her hair too.

Sea Things fabric swatch

This was amazing to see in person!
I wonder if this is the same one that sold at Christie's last year?  More here.

Here it is, splint sculpture #3. 
I was wondering about that one here.

"Chair Tool"

 There was a good selection of seating. 
I think I was getting spoiled with all the amazing material before this, I was hoping for some prototypes.

 My next post is going to be a total nerd out session on the ESU on the far right.


 In the wrapper!

The film container for the Eames movie, Tops (1969). 
You can watch the film here

The stars of Tops

The Eames Office and California Museum did an incredible job with this exhibit. 
It's definitely worth a trip to Sacramento. It's up until February 23, 2014, so no excuses.