J.R. Davidson / Kingsley

The Kingsley Jr. House by architect Julius Ralph (J.R.) Davidson, 1947
Davidson was also selected to design Case Study House #1. In fact, he designed it twice. Read more here
He also designed Case Study Houses #11 and #15.

LAMA will be auctioning off some of the original furniture from the home, including custom pieces designed by the architect.
You can read more about the Kingsley house on LAMA's blog: Fate of J. R. Davidson House In Peril
By the way, if aren't already on the the LAMA mailing list, you should be.

Photo: Julius Shulman  
Source: Getty Research Institute

Current photo of the Kingsley Jr. House

The house with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a pool in Pacific Palisades sold earlier this month for $4,560,000.
At that price chances are the house will be destroyed or altered beyond recognition.
 This is a real shame because it's the only unaltered house left by J.R. Davidson.  

Image: MLS

Photo: Julius Shulman 
Source: LAMA 

Custom lamp from the Kingsley house. Lot 37 at May 19th LAMA sale. 
Source: LAMA 

Custom table by J.R. Davidson, Lot 39.
Source: LAMA 

There's the lamp and table.
Photo: Julius Shulman 
Source: LAMA

Still there in the real estate listing.
Image: MLS

Image: MLS

VKG in the 1947 shot.
Photo: Julius Shulman  
Source: Getty Research Institute

Image: MLS

Photo: Julius Shulman  
Source: Getty Research Institute

Photo: Julius Shulman  
Source: Getty Research Institute

These Eames DKX-1 chairs will be in the LAMA auction as well (Lot 8).
Image: MLS
The pool house was designed by Davidson almost a decade after the main house. 
Image: MLS

Paris Photo / LA / Shopping

Paris Photo Los Angeles at Paramount Pictures Studio

In addition to the sound stages, galleries set up in the New York backlot  at Paramount.

There were galleries from around the globe showing but the one I spent the most time at was the Michael Kohn Gallery from LA.

 Photos by Charles Brittin at the Michael Kohn Gallery.
Brittin was in the mix at the Ferus Gallery.  The photos above are of Wallace Berman and his wife.

Wallace Berman verifax collages at the Michael Kohn Gallery.

Wallace Berman verifax collage at the Michael Kohn Gallery.

This isn't a photo but the BMW M1 Art Car #4 by Andy Warhol was there too.

I also took a trip over to JF Chen, you know because they have all the good rare stuff.
These Tony Paul chairs are super cool...canvas, iron, string and wicker.  

Dan Johnson chairs at JF Chen

Dan Johnson dining set
Photo: Maynard Parker

 Super super rare Dan Johnson chair at JF Chen
The price... Not For Sale.

Dan Johnson chairs on a Craig Ellwood patio. 

Greta Grossman Swedish grasshopper lamp at Galerie Half.
This place is just beautiful.

I picked up some Eames LTRs. You can never have too many.

One has an Eyeballs 'N Goo label. It must be a rare one. 

LA Modernism / 2013

 The 10 Ten booth at the 2013 Los Angeles Modernism show.
Scott always dials it in with a great display. Having some really good pieces to show off doesn't hurt either.

Vintage Cynthia Sargent rug at 10 Ten
The George Nelson sofa is a good one too.

David Cressey pots with Malcolm Leland door and birdhouse, at the Reform booth

Gimme that Doyle Lane. 
At Reform 

Espenet dining set at Reform

Jerry Ackerman messing around with Gerard in front of three Ackerman pieces at the Reform booth.
Jerry is such a cool guy. He remembers every little detail about his and Evelyn's pieces.

The wall of Myrton Purkiss at Reform

Beatrice Wood and Paul Soldner at the Lisa Cliff Collection

Archive was showing vintage work by artist Brian Neary.
Back in the day Brian's graphic art studio was across from Bill Curry's Design Line showroom in El Segundo.
I like that they honored that history with the Design Line lamps. 

Didier from London was at the show again with their insane offering of jewelry by sculptors.
This is the Louise Nevelson case.

Earrings by George Rickey at DidierNot just any lady could pull these off. 
They had a smaller pair last year.

You know, just some Alexander Calder jewelry at Didier.
They had some Bertoia as well.

Ettore Sottsass necklace at Didier

Claire Falkenstein at Didier

One of the cleanest George Nelson Home Office desks I've ever seen, at the LAMA booth.
It looks great on a tatami mat too.

James Prestini photos at LAMA

James Prestini table at LAMA

Louise Nevelson prints at LAMA

Peter Shire desk at The Window

Always with a show stopper, Off the Wall had Raymond Loewy's custom Jaguar in their booth.

Loewy with his Jaguar Type E in Paris.