A. Quincy Jones / Hammer / Politics

 Architecture exhibits are a hard thing to pull off.  There are only so many plans, models and photographs you can look at,
 but the Hammer did a good job with this one.

  There were a few areas where they set up large photo walls, like here with the "Eichler experience".  
They also had a Billy Haines vignette for the "fussy-modern" set. Too bad they didn't have the Eichler wallpaper 
for sale in the gift shop.

This is the point of the exhibit where security busted me for taking pictures. In my defense, I didn't see a sign.
The one thing I really wanted to get a photo of was the original Mutual Housing Association certificate they had on display. 
That's one of my favorite Jones projects. Anyway, if you're an architecture fan, you should check out the exhibit.

While I was at the Hammer, President Obama and China's President Xi were  also experiencing Jones Architecture, 
but for real, at Sunnylands, The house was designed for Walter and Leonore Annenberg by A. Quincy Jones in the 
early 60s. The interior was done William "Billy" Haines. 
Photo: Julius Shulman and Juegren Nogai via Sunnylands

Presidents Xi and Obama at Sunnylands 
Photo: Christopher Gregory/The New York Times

It looks like there's some Billy Haines design going on here.

 Billy Haines bling at Sunnylands
Photo: Sunnylands

It was the the Anneberg's intention to have Sunnylands "used by the President of the United States and the Secretary of State 
to bring together world leaders to promote peace and international agreement."  This is included in their Mission Statement.
Prince Phillip, Lee Annenberg, Queen Elizabeth II, and Walter Annenberg standing in front of the entrance to the Sunnylands 
house during the Queen’s visit in 1983.
Source: The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands via Time.

President Nixon holding granddaughter Jenny Eisenhower with Leonore Annenberg and Pat Nixon, April 1979.
Source: The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands via Time.