McCabe / Silhouette

The chair was part of the Silhouette Group for Brown Saltman. It's unclear whether Brown Saltman manufactured the chair or was just a distributor.  Prior to Brown Saltman's involvement in the early 60s, the chairs were produced by A&E (Areon & Erin).  They were also exhibited in California Design 6. 

The Bailey House (1958), Case Study House 21 by Pierre Koenig. 
The sofa, ottoman and stereo cabinet in the back were all custom-made for the house by McCabe.  

Photo by Julius Shulman

The Bailey House

Photo by Julius Shulman

Besides the Bailey house and some promotional materials, the chair is nearly impossible to find.  Of course, Reform has these two and a third in yellow. 
The chair is seen here flanked by a McCabe glass cube table and a walnut, aluminum and resin table for S/M furniture.  McCabe was part owner of S/M. 
The Naugahyde looks very similar to the type used on the Eames Aluminum Group, as demonstrated here with the Eames ottoman.  In the Eames literature it states a material called Fiberthin, along with a thin layer of foam, was sandwiched between two sheets of Naugahyde and ultrasonically welded together  to create the ribbed effect. 
Both chairs hit the market around the same time, so it's hard to say which came first.

The rocker with a chair and chaise designed by McCabe for Pacific. 

McCabe chairs, a John Kapel dresser and some nice ceramics. This is Reform all the way.