Scripps Collection / The American Museum of Ceramic Art

The Scripps Collection is legendary. It was almost singlehandedly complied by Fred Marer,  a math professor at Los Angeles City College. He amassed the collection with modest means, mostly through buying the pieces directly from the artists. The exhibition includes over 180 examples, and all are amazing. The exhibition only lasts 10 more days, so I encourage you to do whatever it takes to go see it. I've seen a lot of good pots, but this exhibition is legendary.  
There is an enormous wall of 39 plates

Michael Frimkess

Paul Soldner - "Throwing Naked" - 1966

Fumio Tagasugi

Jun Kaneko

Peter Voulkos - One of many in the exhibition

Stacked Voulkos

Monster Voulkos

Little Voulkos

Bird Voulkos

Walking Voulkos

Jun Kaneko

Robert Arneson

Henry Takemoto

Another great Takemoto

One more Takemoto

John Mason

Harrison McIntosh

Shoji Hamada

Ken Price (center) and friends

Philip Cornelious cups

(L to R from back) Natzlers, Heinos, Natzlers, Rose Cabat, Laura Andreson, Beatrice Wood 

Marilyn Levine

Norio Shibata and Satoshi Sato

This exhibit just keeps on giving, one winner after the next.

There is also a Patsy Cox installation, which is pretty great.

These lucky kids made their filed trip out to Pomona. You have until March 30th to make yours. Seriously, go!