Luis Barragán / La Casa

Casa Luis Barragán is the former house and studio of architect Luis Barragán in Mexico City. It was completed in 1948 and Barragán lived there until he died in 1988. This is the front hall to the house. A Mathias Goeritz painting hangs at the top of the stairs.

Barragán lived alone

The garden

The stairs lead to a private office. That's another Mathias Goeritz painting.

Vision In Motion by  László Moholy-Nagy

One of two reproduction Josef Albers paintings owned by Barragán. Albers and Barragán met on a number occasions and had mutal admiration for each other's work. Apparently, Albers even knew of the reproductions. The Henry Moore sculpture (limited edition) is a Pritzker Prize, which was awarded to Barragán in 1980.
There's the other one.

Barragán designed most of the furnishings, including this Butaque chair, which was a collaboration with Clara Porset.


Another Goeritz in Barragán's bedroom.

A number of these Barragán-designed lighting fixtures were used throughout the house. 

The docent

Up to the roof

Back downstairs, the Patio de los Ollas leads to the studio. The clay pots were used for making mezcal.

Barragán at work in the studio
Photo: Rene Burri, 1969

The street view. 

If you go to Mexico City and don't go here, you blew it.