California Design / LACMA

An oasis of California Design is tucked away on the third floor of the Art of the Americas Building at LACMA

Richard Neutra, La Gardo Tackett and Walter Lamb

Richard Neutra, 1941
Chair from Channel Heights Housing Project, San Pedro

John Kapel, Greta Grossman and Ray & Charles Eames

As far as Eames, it doesn't get much rarer than this Evans prototype from 1944-45

They paid a pretty penny for it too. It was sold through LAMA in 2000 for $107,000

5-2-7 bolt pattern! 
Of course I checked underneath. 

Richard Neutra, 1931/1941

David Cressey

Monster Gertrud & Otto Natzler

Harrison McIntosh x 2

John Mclaughlin

LACMA will be having a solo exhibition of his work, beginning on November 13.