Tackett / Thursday

Steve McQueen is the "King of Cool", so it's no surprise he had La Gardo Tackett and Kenji Fujita in the kitchen of his 1962 Buff & Hensman in the Hollywood Hills. 
Photo: Sid Avery via Reform Gallery

I'm sure those Fujita liquor decanters saw a lot of use

Photo: Sid Avery

You know he drove his Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta to buy that Tackett

Steve McQueen also had Eames

Source: Life

He also wore khakis while sitting in his Tropi-Cal chair. 
Tough guys sit on iron.

Source: Gap 

Marlon Brando with bongos and a Harry Lawenda Lamp. That also looks like a Richard Galef pencil cup.

Photo: Sid Avery

Paul Newman was kinda cool and collected Dansk.

Photo: Sid Avery