LAMA / 25

In October of 1992 LAMA had their first auction. So on this, their 25th anniversary auction, it looks like they are offering up a little more of the modern classics than usual, including a lot of Eames! 
It's safe to say that the Eames are a sentimental favorite for most modern dealers.  In the whole scheme of things it doesn't sell for all that much, but it truly is some of the greatest American Design. I love that LAMA keeps putting it in their sales. 
 The pair of 421 N ESUs will most likely be the exception to the Eames not selling for a lot rule. These examples are as good as it gets. They are being sold individually, but it would be a shame if the same person doesn't buy both. Whatever they sell for, it will be a great deal because they should be worth double. 
Now stuffed animal chairs on the other hand....
Funny things is the Campana Brothers chairs on the left are estimated at the exact same price as the ESUs above. Go figure. 

George Nelson. Nice Kite clock up there.

R.M. Schindler chair from the Lechner House, 1948

KEM Weber Airline chair, 1934. It almost seems like LAMA found the dumpster where Disney tossed all of these. 

West Coast Hard-edge. That's a fantastic Karl Benjamin on the lower left.

Frederick Hammersley made great frames.

Ed Kiinholz currency has definitely outpaced inflation. Below them is a sweet George Herms from the Blankfort Collection. It hung at LACMA in 1980s and has a great label on the back to prove it.
Ken Price Astronauts in the Ocean (1960-1961)
This is one of six Price lots in the sale. 

Speaking of Price. He was still at it in 2004.

Peter Voulkos (1952)
Pete could throw a great classical pot before he went Hendrix. 

Move along. There's nothing to see here.

The auction is this Sunday.