LAMA / Pad

The LA Times just did an article on LAMA owners Peter and Shannon Loughrey's house.
The dual dodecagon structure was designed by Benton/Park/Candreva in 1972. 
I've been to the house and it's pretty great, not that you couldn't tell by looking at these photos.

CA Design X 3- Espenet dining table with Tanya Aguiniga felt-wrapped Eames chairs. 

Eames Tru-Sonic speaker 

Kelly Wearstler wishes she could pull this off. 
I remember another bathroom in the house being just as cool, but with a sunken tub. The 70s seem like they were a good time. 

Something tells me there are a few good books in there.
That vintage Alvin Lustig pillow is killing me!

Here's the full article: LA Times Home