Alice Parrott / Weaver

Fiber artist Alice Kagawa Parrott (1929-2009) was born in Hawaii and worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Isamu Noguchi, George Nakashima, Sam Maloof, Toshiko Takaezu, Marianne Strengell, Maija Grotell, 
Jack Lenor Larsen and Rufino Tamayo were all fans and visited Alice at her home in New Mexico.  

 Alice Parrot pillows on a 1950 sofa by Sam Maloof, at his house.

Sam and Alice met at the 1964 New York World's Fair where they were representing American craftsmen
on behalf of the American Craft Council. Sam also used Alice's fabric for chairs.  She even made wool shirts for Sam.

Source: Sam Maloof, Woodworker 

 Sam with his wife Freda, eating lunch. Freda is wearing a shirt by Alice.  

Source: Sam Maloof, Woodworker 

Alice Parrot's contribution to the 1969 Objects: USA exhibit.

Source: OBJECTS:USA Lee Nordness

Alice had one of Santa Fe's earliest craft shops on Park Avenue, where she sold items like this pouch for eyeglasses. 

At the Compound restaurant in Santa Fe. Alexander Girard designed the interior in the late 60s. 

Read the transcripts of the 2005 interview that was done for the Smithsonian Archives of American Art