LAMA / Art

The preview for the LAMA October 7th auction is now open.
Here are some of the fine art lots.

Sheila Hicks fiber art, Tahoe Wall, 1970

Hicks detail

The tanks from Keith Haring's Honda. 
I was told they were found in a junk yard.

Nice grouping of  work by Ed Ruscha, Karl Benjamin, Frederick Hammersley and June Harwood 

 One of the best Karl Benjamin paintings I've ever seen. Untitled, 1958. 

Bernard Rosenthal bronze, Peter Voulkos sculpture, Claude Conover bottle and another Voulkos.
The mother and child on the floor isn't my cup of tea.  The rest of these are pretty sick examples.

Huge Peter Voulkos plate...

and a little Voulkos cup. 
I love those round bits that look they were thrown at the wet clay. I can just see that madman doing that in the studio. 

Richard Pettibone. 
It seems like if you buy one, you should buy them all. 

That is one big McIntosh pot.
The design lots are next...