Chairs / Leather Slings

Often misattributed Leathercrafter sling chair. It's actually by William Katavolos,
Source: Modern Leather Design, 1969

Leathercrafter, New York, New York
Source: Modern Leather Design,1969

Laverne T-Chair by Katavolos, Littel and Kelley, New York, New York
Source: Good Design, 1953 via Laverne Furniture, Textiles & Wallcoverings 

Laverne T-Chairs with X-Table by Katavolos, Littel and Kelley
Source: Interior Design, 1963 via Laverne Furniture, Textiles & Wallcoverings 

Max Gottschalk, Tucson Arizona
Source: Red

Max Gottschalk brand
Source: Red

Daniel Wenger (my favorite), Santa Cruz, California

Daniel Wenger dining set
Source: Wenger Designs