MCASD / Junked Up

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego  is looking a little disheveled these days.

There's a trash bag in the middle of one of the galleries

A piece of cardboard is leaning against the wall

Seriously, an ashtray?

A cardboard box on a pedestal...

The box is actually by Robert Rauschenberg and it's part of MCASD's Lifelike exhibition in La Jolla. 
The group exhibition explores work from the 1960s to present day based on everyday objects and occurrences.
It's a really good one.

The hallway installation above is by Peter Fischli & David Weiss 
The trash bag marble sculpture is by Jud Nelson.
The cardboard laying against the wall is a Ugo Rondinone still life in bronze.
The ashtray is by Ruben Nusz.

Vija Celmins, 1967

Evan Penny, 2005

Jonathan Seliger, Giant Milk Carton
Sell By date of June, 13 2010 = Obviously spoiled.

Edward Kienholz, 1971

That's some deep stuff going on out there.

Maurizio Cattelan, 2001

Here's a video.

This is one of my favorite pieces in the exhibit. It's a wood sculpture by Japanese artist Yoshihiro Suda.
There was a similar piece at the Benesse House Museum on Naoshima, here.

No artwork here. That's just the view overlooking the museum's sculpture garden out back.

Ed Ruscha is actually the other way.

Right up there..
Brave Men Run In My Family

Peter Voulkos trio near the entrance

Peter Voulkos, 1978

Peter Voulkos, 1978