LA / Art

No photos allowed, and there were plenty of guards making sure of it. 
Trust me, you need to go see this exhibit.

 James Turrell, "Breathing Light" is an 8 minute walk-in environment with a constantly changing spectrum of lights.

Art that you have to take your shoes off for is the best.

Turrell and Eames

Along with the light pieces are several exhibits that deal with larger scale works, like the Roden Crater Project and
other site-specific works.  There's a lot of ephemera too. I wish I was on the ball and was able get a spot to see
Perceptual Cell and Dark Matters before they sold out.  

If you haven't already been, don't forget to go to TANYA AGUIÑIGA: FIBER ELEMENTS at Reform
She'll be at LACMA soon too. Wanna bet?