Sussman / Loves LA

Deborah Sussman Loves Los Angles! exhibition at WUHO

 Hand-painted Parliament cigarettes. A gift to Charles and Ray Eames, 1954

Deborah started working at the Eames Office when she was a student. 
She was there from 1953 to 1957 and then again from 1961 to 1968.
Left to right: Eli Noyes, Ray, Charles, Deborah, Glenn Fleck, and Eliot Noyes. 
Source: An Eames Primer, by Eames Demetrios

Eames Office, July 4th, 1965
Source:  Eames Office, via WUHO

Independent Shades

Ray Eames and Deborah
Image: Eames: Beautiful Details by The Eames Office and Ammo Books

The Coloring Toy for The Eames Office, 1955

That's an impressive list of credits.

Bags for LACMA


Pop Up architecture for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

Exhibition Poster by Thomas Kracauer featuring Deborah Sussman's Standard Shoe Panels from the 1970s

The exhibition at WUHO closes January 19th, 2014 

 The Museum of California Design recreated a 1967 "supergraphic" by Sussman for the CALIFORNIA'S DESIGNING WOMEN: 1896–1986 
exhibition in 2012.  The directional signage was made for a Frank Gehry designed Joseph Magnin Department Store in San Jose. 

Sussman loves San Diego too. She worked with Jon Jerde on the Postmodern Mediterranean style Horton Plaza, 1985. 
Image: Jerde

This is the mall today (last night actually), without the cool banners. 
I became aware of Sussman due to her connection to the Eames Office. Little did I know, I've had a long history with 
her at the local mall, which predates me knowing anything about the Eames.