Eames + Valastro

Eames + Valastro by Daniel Ostroff 
Most collectors, including me, get caught up in the minutia of screws, labels and unusual base configurations. 
Eames + Valastro looks at Eames furniture in the context of what it was designed for-- to be lived with. 

Sal and Gladys Valastro were married on Valentine's day, 1954 (58 years ago today).
Shortly after, they used money they received as wedding gifts to purchase a houseful of Eames furniture.

Sal and Gladys lived and lovingly used their nine Eames pieces for over 50 years.
The ESU 400 was $100 in 1954. That's about $800 in 2012 dollars. 
One sold at Wright last year for $9K. 

The red CTM was a popular ride at the Valastro house.  
The rocker was also turned upside down and used as a turtle shell for the kid underneath.  

The green felt is on this RAR is awesome. It attests to the notion of the owner being involved in the continuation of the design process.  
The Valastro + Eames collection now lives at JF Chen. It's been documented on eamesdesigns.com.

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