Super Sunday / Crosscurrents at The Getty

Pacific Standard Time at the Getty.
I went onthe last day of the exhibit, February 5th. 
I guess there was a big football game going on that day too. 
The Central Garden, by Robert Irwin

This is the PST nerve center.  
It's set up like a war room to plan your attack on all the PST exhibits.

# 8, 1966, John McLaughlin. 
The Marilynn and Carl Thoma Collection. Image courtesy of Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York
Photo: Getty Archives
The first gallery in Crosscurrents is a mix off hard-edge paintings, like the John McLaughlin above and 
big clay pieces by Peter Voulkos, John Mason and the Henry Takemoto pot below.

Here he is with his pot at the studio of John Mason and Peter Voulkos, 
Los Angeles, ca. 1959. Image courtesy of Henry Takemoto
Photo: Getty Archives

Avocado Mountain, 1959, Ken Price.  James Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles. 
Permission courtesy Ken Price Studio
Photo: Getty Archives

Four Corners Piece, 1970, Bruce Nauman

Greetings from L.A.
This was a collection of ephemera from the Getty Research Institute’s archives.  
The exhibit showed how LA artists communicated the word about their art to the public.

Photo: Getty Archives

Ed Ruscha
Photo: Getty Archives

Photo: Getty Archives

The guards at The Getty are pretty strict about not taking photos, but I had to sneak this one. 
It's from the Greetings from LA gallery. 
Apparently, the smart set was hip to Modern Color and had this Baughman table.