PS Modernism- Stuff I Wanted

Pierson had this George Kasparian lounge chair with original fabric.
I blew it and took too long to decide on this one and someone snapped it up. Good eye whoever you are.

Design Line Honeycomb shelving by Bill Curry from Reform

20th Obsession men's display. Barney Reid wallets!

Edward Cella had a great display of A. Quicny Jones presentation boards. They came out of the Jones barn/office.
Michael Boyd's new line of chairs were in the booth as well. That string chair is insane.

One of the A. Quicny Jones presentation boards.

Buckminster Fuller set from Dharam Damama
The set came with a Tiffany & Co box addressed to Bucky himself.

Kinetic wood sculture, also from Dharam Damama

Kirk O'Day cabinet from Sputnik. As seen in California Design 76.
Sputnik had a great booth and had the red sold tags to prove it. 

Malcolm Leland Thermic Fireplace from Objects USA

Dorothy Schindele Desk for Modern Color from Objects USA
I wish I had room to keep this one. 

Gordon Newell Polar Bear from PCH Modern
This is identical to the Architectural Pottery polar bear except it's metal and weighs almost 100lbs. 
The thought is that it could have been the mold?

Gordon Newell stone polar bear sculpture from Max Lawrence's (the late owner of Architectural Pottery) house when he hosted a MOCAD event.

Architectural Pottery ceramic Polar Bear
Photo: Wright