Hydrodynamica / Everything Connects

Hydrodynamica exhibit at Space 4 Art

The exhibition focuses on surfboard pioneers Bob Simmons and Carl Ekstrom and the technology used 
 to develop the modern day surfboard. 

Eames chairs, Eames quotes and surfboards.  
The idea is that surfboard building and post-war modern California design were on similar paths. 

Eames and boomerangs


Carl Ekstrom boards

Svetozar Radakovich, in collaboration with Carl Ekstrom, did these foam, fiberglass, wood and resin doors.
They were shown in California Design 10 and now they're at the Mingei. 

Dave Hampton breaks it down better than i ever could:

Surfing and the craft of shaping surfboards began to exert an influence on San Diego's design culture in the 1960s, when 
local surfers like Douglas Deeds and Carl Ekstrom started using polyurethane foam, fiberglass and resin to create smooth, 
seamless chairs, tables and doors as well as a variety of products for water sports and the beach lifestyle. Deeds' 
inventive designs for furniture made of recycled Budweiser cans were exhibited in prestigious museums in New York 
and Los Angeles. Windansea surfboard shaper Carl Ekstrom (who patented the first asymmetrical board) also personally 
sold two boards  to Andy Warhol, who visited his La Jolla Shores shop in 1968.

Carl was also on KPBS with Hampton. Listen to the interview here.

Photo:Lynn Fayma

Carl sprucing up the doors for the San Diego's Craft Revolution exhibit at the Mingei
Photo: Mingei

Carl also did this chair, which is in the Mingei's San Diego's Craft Revolution exhibit.

I guess Charles was right- Eventually, everything connects.