Wright / Modern Design / March 2012

Wright has some great things up for auction this month, like this super rare
George Nelson for Howard Miller weathervane.

Early Eames Aluminum Group

Eames Toy

Bruce Goff door. How sick is this?

Dan Johnson Gazelle Chair

Ruth Duckworth

This line is often attributed to Paul Laszlo for Glenn of California.  I've never seen any documentation to support that.
If anything, it looks more like Brown Saltman to me.  At least Laszlo had a history of designing for Brown Saltman. 
Treadway had one in 2009 marked "12/9/65 J.M." That doesn't seem to be anything related to Laszlo, Glenn or Brown Saltman.
Instead of going with names without any documentation or the ever so annoying "attributed," 
"in the manner," "after," "in the style," and the other euphemisms for saying we don't know, 
why can't it be OK just to say it's a really cool thing by an unknown designer?