To / From

To: Greta Grossman 
From: Gio Ponti
Source: Great Magunusson Grossman: A Car and Some Shorts

To: Alvin Lustig
From: Joseph Albers
Source: Born Modern : The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig

To: Alexander Girard
From: Charles Eames
Source: Wright

To: Sansi Girard
From: Ray Eames
Source: Wright

To: Eero and Lily Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames
From: Alexander and Susan Girard
Source: Wright

To: Henry Ford II
From: Charles Eames, advised by the Alexander Girards
Source: Brocatus

Dear Mr. Ford:  
I have been driving Fords continuously since 1929, and we have had Ford convertibles since 1941.  
We believe in the use of standard production models.  
Up until now we have been able to find one acceptable anonymous model.   
The following is what we could consider as an anonymous model – one we would like to buy now: 
Black Convertible, natural top, minimum of advertising signs and symbols attached – preferably none.
The interior: simple neutral tan leather or good neutral color synthetic material – no two-tones – preferably matching tan paint on interior metal, but would accept black if that is standard.  
We have needed a new car for some time, but have been unable to obtain any assurance from our local agent that our requirements are in any way possible to fulfill. On a recent visit to the Alexander Girards in Santa Fe, we were advised by them that our only recourse was to write to you directly and that by so doing we would undoubtedly obtain the information we cannot obtain here. We are taking the liberty of following the Girards’ advice, and trust that this letter will be channeled by your office to the appropriate department.  
Thank you for the many positive things that bear the name of Ford.  
Charles Eames