No Nails/ No Lumber/ Airform

Jeffrey Head, who has written a bunch of great articles on subjects like Luther Conover and Heifetz lamps,
continues his list of great projects with a book on Airforms by architect Wallace Neff.
No Nails, No Lumber: The Bubble Houses of Wallace Neff 

Though, the construction cost were low and the uses were limitless, only 2,500 bubbles were built.
How could people possibly like stucco tract housing better than living in bubbles??

Resort Housing in Turkey, 1950

1947 LA Times Home Magazine cover of the interior of Andrew Neff's (Wallace's brother) Airform in Pasadena. 

Recognize that table? This is the Andrew Neff Airform today. I've been in this one. 
A certain artist I know who has a pretty cool blog owns it.
I have the feeling Roden might have come up with some of the ephemera in the book. He's that kind of guy.
He's also the kind of guy that should be living in a house like this. He's taking really good care of it and has it filled with a great collection.

There really is a ridiculous amount of great archival photos and ephemera in the book. 

Bubble School in D.F.

Jeffrey also wrote an article about Airforms for the LA Times, but you really need to get the book.
Get a copy here