Boyd / Hedge

This solo exhibition is new work by Boyd, with his amazing collection of vintage pieces serving as a contextual backdrop. 

 Benjamin Baldwin, Rudolph Schindler and Gerrit Rietveld
The vintage pieces not only show Michael's design influences, but also give insight to his background as a collector.  

Eames, Charlotte Perriand and Marcel Bruer

 Joseph Hoffmann and Donald Judd, no big deal. 

 Michael is very up front about his influences. This is evident here, with his box-like chair on the pedestal and the placement of the Donald Judd chair behind it.
 I'm so jealous of this Dan Johnson chair.

 The exhibition runs until February 22. 
Incidentally, this space, before it was Hedge Gallery, was Michael's music studio from 1995 to 2001. The soundtrack is in the works.