Palm Springs / Modernism 2014

Objects USA booth at the 2014 Palm Springs Modernism show.
Craft geeks.

Gerard, once again, went all out and had an amazing display of California craft.

Jack Rogers Hopkins

Limboman likes to mix up classic hard-edge modern with some out there wackiness. The big round fur sofa was a hit with the ladies.   

This is where the rich people shop. Jeff always has the good high end stuff... Parzinger, Dunbar...

and this kick ass Claire Falkenstein.

Lisa always has awesome sculpture, including the jeweled variety.

Z Modern
The classics. The Nelson MAA is a sexy chair. It looks  particularly good from behind, doesn't it? 

A lot of big fancy names here.  This is the dark modern look, for the evil villain types.

Max Neufeldt assemblage...Sold

Franco Albini desk and an insane Malcolm Leland for Architectural Pottery lantern fixture. Chris had a ton of other great stuff in his booth (like super rare Dunbar and Ico Parisi) but I was distracted by this set up. 
This thing is so good. Congratulations to the lucky person who ponied up for it...Sold

Stool at Timeless Modernism that I loved,but can't remember the designer of. It looks like Bruer, but it isn't.

Dan Johnson bronze gazelle dining set at Vestige

PCH Modern brought some stuff for the kiddies.

The east coast crew brought some great inventory. I'm thinking most of it was carry on. That's the way to roll.

Mark's showcase

Raymond Loewy display at Rediscovered Paper

The display included this drawing of the Avanti by Raymond Loewy.

 Coincidentally, there was a real Studebaker Avanti in the car show in front of the convention center.

The Palm Springs Fine Art Fair next door had some power art on display. Along with the Thomas Downing and Gene Davis seen here were a bunch of Kenneth Noland paintings. 
This Hans Hoffman was in the same booth as above. Ray Eames studied under Hoffman.

Cy Twombly in one of the other standout booths.  I hate to sound like a jerk, but the art fair in general gets a little weaker each year. The first year was incredible and last year was pretty good. This year it was decent. Or maybe I just don't know anything about contemporary art.  
Then again, most fairs don't have Calder mobile for sale.  Though, it looked repainted.