Pottery / Books

The Pasadena Convention Center was happening last weekend.
The Los Angeles Pottery show and the California International Antiquarian Book Fair, all in one place. That's right, VIP at the book fair.

This booth was the show stopper...McIntosh, Pond Farm, Prieto, Natzler, Beato, Conover, Lukens...

Stacks of Harrison McIntosh pots.  They were all good ones too. 

This was one of the two tables full of Claude Conover

Glen Lukens

Natzlers on the top and James Lovera on the bottom

There was some nice ephemera with this Lovera- it's a winner. 

There were some great pots at other booths too, like this big Clyde Burt.

I'm not usually a Pillin fan, but this set of mini ones were kinda cool.

Peter Voulkos

The book fair had some great things as well. Although, the amount of design related books was on the light side, the people watching made up for it. Apparently, book prints are the hot item to wear in this circle. I saw dealers wearing a dress, there was a vest and a I saw a couple of ties. 
This exhibition poster was one of my favorite things at the show. That's John Baldessari on the left and Bob Matheny on the right.

This is super rare. It had the price tag to prove it.

My one purchase was a Good Design catalog.  It's from the first exhibition.