JB Blunk / Oakland Museum of California

J.B. Blunk: Nature, Art & Everyday Life at the Oakland Museum of California

I began making wood sculpture in 1962. I knew how to use a chainsaw and it was one of those things. One day you just start. - J.B. Blunk

Mage and Flying Stone were both included in an exhibition at The Landing in 2015. Hawk Arch below was as well.



A great number of the pieces in the exhibition came directly from the Blunk house.

 J.B.'s buckskin shirt

The stone sculpture on the right reminds me of Isamu Noguchi's Radio Nurse. Noguchi was a big influence on Blunk.


This incredible stone sculpture is from the house as well.

The Oakland Museum has been a longtime fan of Blunk. The Planet was commissioned by the museum in 1969 and is still enjoyed daily by visitors, especially the kids.

Correspondence regarding the commission was on display. 

A note from J.B. about the wood he would be using.


The exhibition runs until September 9th.
Don't miss it.