Fulton Mall / Update

Like I've mentioned before, the City of Fresno is trying to to convert this amazing pedestrian mall into a generic anywhere USA 
street by ripping out art and allowing cars back on Fulton St. Now it looks like they have Federal funds to do it.

The city recently announced a $15.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation for a project that could fund 
opening the mall back up to cars.  However, the plans being reviewed by the Fulton Mall Project Steering Committee also 
includes two other alternatives, including one that would pave a new street while retaining the mall's exceptional outdoor sculpture 
garden and Option 3 would actually improve the existing corridor in its current pedestrian-oriented layout. 
Additional information on the plans can be found can here.  

It's puzzling why the U.S. Department of Transportation would be willing to fund an anti-smart growth
plan that favors the automobile at the expense of public art and public space.  It doesn't seem consistent with the sustainability
efforts they claim to be working towards on their website.

The city is holding a series of community input workshops in October to gather input on the Fulton Mall conversion plans. 
The following article contains more information on the workshops: Fresno workshops to collect Fulton Mall input

In the meantime, here is an update on the mall.... 

The Falkenstein sculptures are still missing.  More on that here.

 Sadly, the family-owned Luftenburg's Bridal has left the Fulton Mall after being there for 72 years.

Many of the fountains are still not being repaired by the city. 

Stan Bitter's work still looks great, even without the water. 

Bernard Rosenthal

Peter Voulkos

Bench by Jean Ray Laury

The courthouse across the street from the mall.  This is another great public space the forward thinking people of Fresno created
in the early 60's. Their contemporaries would probably like to see a drive-through go under the courthouse.   

Please visit Save the Fulton Mall for more information.