LAMA / May 2014

LAMA preview for the May 18th Auction

Harry Bertoia Sonambient sculpture hanging out with a few works by John Altoon

Custom designed Billy Haines furniture from a Samuel Marx-designed residence in the Holmbly Hills area of Los Angeles.
I bet the fancy pants crowd is salivating over this stuff. 

Easy to say for a guy who had lots of money and taste.

Henry P. Glass file cabinet and Alexander Girard ottoman-with original fabric!

Dan Johnson desk for Hayden Hall, in nice original condition with lots of patina and Eames


Eames Sofa Compact with Girard fabric and some 670/671s

Johnson, Knoll, Grossman and Baughman

The crafty corner with a lot of Nakashima and Maloof.

The craft continues: Maloof, Tuttle, Ackerman, Nakashima and a monster Michael Arntz mountain pot.

John Smith

This Dominic Di Mare weaving is one of my favorite things in the sale. It comes from the estate of Edurah Moore.

Eudorah Moore's California Design exhibition catalogs. Considering Eudorah made these exhibitions what they were, these books have surely been blessed by the California craft gods. 
The space age department

Shiro Ikegawa sushi set.  This was part of a "sushi event" where Ikegawa not only created the ceramics, but also caught the fish, prepared the meal and made the saki. The lot comes with a book created by the author which outlines the process, lists the attendees, and even includes a seating chart for the 1976 event. 
White Ruff Decoy by James Solomon for Tackett Associates, 1953
The stingy Tackett collector side of me didn't want to post a picture of this.

The pitcher design was included in the 1953 MoMA Good Design exhibition. La Gardo Tackett is listed as the designer in the catalog. The boss often gets all the credit.
The auction is on Sunday. Visit LAMA to see the rest.