Ellwood / Scientific Data Systems

Scientific Data Systems (SDS) Administration and Engineering Building (1968) by Craig Ellwood Associates (Jim Tyler designed it) .
This is one of four buildings Ellwood's firm designed and built at this El Segundo compound.

Max Palevsky, the owner of SDS, also had his friend Craig Ellwood design a desert house for him in 1969. More on that here

Source: California Modern: The Architecture of Craig Ellwood

The sculpture out front makes this building a lot more interesting.  Otherwise, it would just be a Miesian office complex. Though, as far as office complexes go, it's a good one and I'm sure it did the job. 
Yellow to White to Blue and Black, by George Sugarman

Xerox took over the space after buying SDS in 1970. Now it could be yours!

First floor

Source: California Modern: The Architecture of Craig Ellwood   

Ellwood was playing around with hyper-graphics at the SDS complex.