LACMA / Abstract

LACMA has a small but mighty Four Abstract Classicists exhibition up.  All the paintings are part of their permanent collection.

This John McLaughlin might be my favorite painting ever.

Karl Benjamin, John McLaughlin and Frederick Hammersley

Frederick Hammersley, Lorser Feitelson and Frederick Hammersley x 2

John McLaughlin, Lorser Feitelson and Karl Benjamin

A super sweet Frederick Hammersley

Four Abstract Classicists catalog (1959)

John McLaughlin (1898-1976)

Karl Benjamin (1925-2012)

Lorser Feitelson (1898-1978)

Frederick Hammersley (1919-2009)

Big deal modern gallery--Miro, Nuguchi... 

Erich Dieckmann chair (Germany, 1930s)
This is proof that I look at non-California pieces that were made before the 1940s. 

Donald Judd

 Judd, with barf. 
I guess some people react differently to art. 

 Peter Voulkos

 Pavilion for Japanese Art by Bruce Goff (Completed by Bart Prince)