Kahn / Salk

Salk Institute for Biological Studies (1962) by Louis Kahn- La Jolla

The plaza was designed in collaboration with Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Kahn invited Barragan to the project after seeing his work at MoMA in New York.  Barragan suggested the plaza should consist of a single water feature, free of plant life and dirt. It was indeed the right thing to do.

Jonas Salk (developer of the polio vaccine) on the construction site of his future institute. 

In 1960, the citizens of San Diego voted to give the land (adjacent to the planned UCSD campus) to the Salk Institute. Charles Dail, the San Diego mayor at the time, was a polio survivor, so bringing the Salk Institute to San Diego was a feet that had much personal importance. Construction began in 1962.
Source: Salk