Climate Change / Midcentury Modern La Jolla

Climate Change: Midcentury Modern La Jolla was curated by Dave Hampton. It explores 1950s and 1960s La Jolla modern architecture, objects, furnishings and art that were exhibited in the community’s museums and galleries, offered locally in retail outlets, or created by local residents.

Ethel Greene, Evening in Madrid and Charles Luedtke, Centurian

Malcolm Leland, Ellmarie and Jackson Woolley, Lemeuian Crafts, John Dirks, Barney Reid and James Parker

 Sculpture by Toza Radakovich, Untitled and a 1960 painting by John Baldessari, Torrey Pines

Maurice Martine chair, Gilbert Watrous lamp, and a Malcolm Leland light fixture on the back wall 

La Jolla School of Arts / Art Center

Harry Bertoia chair for Knoll and Guy Williams painting in the back. 

Bob Matheny, Typograph (from Thoreau) and a construction by Russell Baldwin
The Matheny print above was made and exhibited in 1965 at the Nexus Gallery. The gallery/bookstore, owned by Laurence McGilvery, was located in the Wisteria Cottage-- the very place the Climate Change exhibition is being held.  The 1965 exhibition at the Nexus Gallery ran concurrently with Matheny’s exhibition of sculpture held at the neighboring La Jolla Museum of Art. 
Fred Holle

Richard Allen Morris, Unitiled; Mac McClain, lidded jar and an Eames IT

Russell Forester sculpture, Ae'gri Som'nia; Eleanor Forester, Untitled painting and Lynn Fayman, White Forms photograph (right)

Hampton has put together another great exhibition!

This is the first exhibit in the La Jolla Historical Society's newly-renovated space. It runs through September 7th, 2014

More information is available via the La Jolla Historical Society